The Reason

Why am I doing this? Why am I putting myself through this craziness? The reason that I am going to uncharted territory and trying to resolve this issue is fairly simple. I’m tired of it. It’s exhausting to carry ongoing battles around in my head. In so many ways my life is unbelievable blessed! My children are healthy and happy. I am madly in love with a man that I truly believe is a gift from God. I am nearing the end of a lifelong goal of mine to be the first in my family to earn a college degree…and then get to do what my heart desires most…teach children. The future of our family looks so exciting. God has truly answered major prayers in my life recently. So why? I look around and there is nothing in my life to be down about. Why do I feel held back…. pushed down…defeated…??? It doesn’t make sense.

And so…I continue… pressing on….asking God to deliver me of this misplaced connection. Thank you Father God for what you are doing in my life.

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