Day Four

A very productive day! As usual, my overcommitted schedule is stressing me out but today I found time to get centered again. I took my lunch hour on the beach… and even though I was studying, I was able to spend a few minutes just being still. It was a much needed break.

I think I have made it through the caffeine headaches. I am only allowed water and I have to say…I can’t get enough!! I don’t know what’s really going on inside my body, but I am always thirsty. I am starting to feel so much energy and it’s awesome. The first few days, physically, I did not feel so well. My guess is that it was part of the detox.  Whatever it was, it feels good to be on the other side of it. I was determined to not let another day pass without a work-out so even though it was 10:00 pm, I still got in my 20 minutes of cardio. Yay me!

On the spiritual side, I had an awesome conversation with a good friend of mine today that was very encouraging. This friend did not know anything about my blog and as we talked we found ourselves talking about struggling with food. The interesting thing …. this girl is beautiful, inside and out, she probably weighs about 120 soaking wet…lol But she shared with me today, with almost the exact words that I have written, how hard her struggle is with food at times. I gave her my blog info and we both left very encouraged by each other.  It was a blessed conversation.

I am realizing more and more how many people are affected by this issue. Not in the way of “Oh, I need to lose weight,” but truly recognizing that it’s a matter of the heart …. not of calories and fat grams. The comments and conversations about this blog being inspirational have been so encouraging to me! As hard as it was to “go public” about this…I’m so glad I did!

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