Day Ten

If you are a guy, this might be an entry for you to skip. If you are female…CHECK THIS OUT!!!

This might be a little too personal, but Hey, it’s my blog, so I can do this. I believe this is huge! Like I shared earlier, I have always had a very difficult time with PMS. When I was in high school, I almost always had to miss a day of school and work and I stayed in bed with a heating pad. It was awful. As the years have passed, I have just learned to live with it. This is how it usually goes…. A few days before my monthly visitor, I get irritable, very emotional, and have unbelievable cravings that I always used as an excuse to binge. My cravings have always included something salty and something sweet…with lots of cold coke. I pretty much had my check list of my monthly ritual foods….and not just snacks…we’re talking a whole bag of chips and a whole box of Swiss Cake Rolls within a couple of days. Plus, I have greatly contributed to the stock of Midol over the years! That’s just how it has been…for years. For the first time ever, my monthly visitor arrived virtually unnoticed! Can eating this way really make that much of a difference!!???!!!  Aside from being a little weepy on Sunday (happy tears) and having a minor case of the munchies yesterday (so maybe I ate a few extra grapes)…..for the first time IN MY LFE, I am not experiencing miserable PMS symptoms!!!  No binging! No Midol! Unbelievable! If I seem overexcited about this, I AM! If you have ever dealt with life altering PMS symptoms, then you understand how awesome it would feel for them to miraculously just be non existent. Way cool!

Moving on…. I had a great lunch with my Pastor’s wife today. I love her…she’s hilarious and I love her unfiltered honestly. We only had an hour so we were planning to grab a quick salad close by. I suggested Subway, she suggested … (wait for it…wait for it…)…. Whataburger! I understand that the salads at Whataburger are good, but I have not been inside a fast food place since this all began….for a reason! It’s like asking an alcoholic 10 days into sobriety to sit at a bar and drink water!! I was a little anxious but never said anything to her…. instead I spoke to my Source of strength and went to Whataburger. The salad was awesome and even though I thought I would be tempted by the aroma of one of my strongholds….I wasn’t….not in the least. I looked over at the burger and fries the people on the next table were having and all I could think of was pain. I remembered countless times of going to a drive thru and ordering those meals ….but what stood out to my in that moment was the misery I would feel later. With each revelation like this, I feel stronger. Thank you God for my Pastor’s wife….  and her tiny little skinny self that loves Whataburger salads!

Made good food choices. Check.

Got in 20 Minutes on the elliptical.Check

Saw an all time high of 51 views on this blog yesterday (In ONE day! Yay!!!) Check.

Feeling incredibly humble and grateful to my Savior. Check. Check. Check. !!!!!!

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  1. janice
    May 12, 2010 @ 17:47:26

    I love you my sweet girl! You are as amazing as I have been telling you over and over annnndddd………


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