Day Twelve

Things aren’t always daisies and rainbows. I committed from the beginning of this blog that no matter what, I would be, above  all, ….real. So…… Today sucked. I did not sleep well. My son was up sick several times through the night. (He’s fine now… amazing how resilient kids are). During the time that I did sleep, I had crazy and bizarre dreams….the kind where you are so shaken when you wake up that it takes you a while to realize what is your reality. Then I go to the airport to pick up my fiance and his plane is about an hour and a half late. While we sat in the car …the kids, the dog, and myself…. my car overheated. Nice.

Usually, a stressful day like this would absolutely send me into all out binge. I have to admit, I struggled with my thinking a few times today. In the end, I did not binge, did not veer from my food guidelines, but did not work out either. Ready to end this day and start over tomorrow.

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  1. Teri
    May 18, 2010 @ 09:14:03

    Sorry for the bad day but so proud of you for staying strong. Keep it up!


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