Day Twenty

Have you ever tried something for the first time and immediately had a passion for it? Today I tried Zumba and I absolutely loved it! After an invitation from a close friend, I went to a Zumba class this morning and by this evening, I am consumed with researching available classes and ways to learn the steps. It was a great workout, but I was surprised by how much fun it was!

Exercising in a group setting is usually an intimidating experience for me. I can’t help but look around and size everyone up (admit it, you do it too). As an overweight person, I instantly notice the cute, little, fit people and then take inventory of any other overweight people. Maybe it’s because of my lifelong obsession with food and weight, but I think in some ways, women, in general, just do that. Over the past few months, I am less intimidated and usually more comfortable with just being myself and trying to work out because it’s what’s best for my body.

I remember one time when I was working out at the YMCA and struck up a conversation with a woman using the same machines that I was using. She was very nice and as we talked, she began sharing unsolicited “fitness advice.”  As I was dying in an effort to keep up and do the machines correctly, she asked me about my intentions for working out. Without hesitation, my first thought came out loud, “I want to lose weight.” She looked at me and said “Don’t ever try to work out just to lose weight…it will never happen….work out because it feels good.”

Now, I would like to tell you that I smiled pleasantly and agreed with her that I should work out …because it feels good. However, in my commitment to realness in my blog….. I want to share with you what I really thought. It was more like this: Excuse me? Who is this skinny and fit hussy…… telling me…. an obviously overweight and struggling fellow gym member that I should kill myself on these machines…to feel good? It felt more like torture at that time. Ironically, the gym can be one of the most uncomfortable places for the people who need it the most.  I cannot say that I felt good after that workout or many other workouts thereafter, but I have noticed a recent change.

As much as I would desire to continue thinking that woman in the gym was so far out of touch with my reality, I have decided she has a point. Because my heart has turned from being disgusted with myself to asking God to be my Guide, I have begun to actually genuinely enjoy my workouts …and yes (((sigh))) …she was right… feels good =)

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  1. Teri
    May 24, 2010 @ 19:28:58

    I applaud your honesty. I remember being a thin girl and to be honest myself, I never inspected the other women for their size. It never occured to me. I had always been thin and never put much thought about the weight of others. I still felt fat all the time sad. I did however notice the size of their chest. I was very small chested and felt the constant insecurity of not “being a woman”. It would make me crazy to hear girls say they wished they were smaller or tell me they aren’t a big of deal. I think we as women will always have something we hate about ourselves but you have found the cure. Seek God and be happy with what He has created. I know we are to be healthy as well….but happy first. We can do anything through Christ who strengthens us! Love you!


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