Day Twenty-Nine

If you would have told me 29 days ago that I would see 179 on my scale during this process, I would have probably thought this was a scam! LOL Down another 2 pounds this week making my total lost 16 pounds!!!! In 29 days!!!!! Wow…. God’s ways are awesome!

As I shared before, I fully realize that I have a long way to go, but I am truly amazed by this experience. Not one time have I felt like I was on a “diet.” Instead of feeling deprived, I have felt privileged. It feels like there was this faraway world out there made of people who knew this priceless way of life….  and I was finally let in to the party! Rather than stress and pressure, I have felt uplifted. Rather than fatigue and exhaustion, I have felt energy surpassing that of my youth. Rather than shame and turmoil, I have felt peace and balance.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but my walk with God and my outlook on life is what has changed the most. What a gift!!

The question that I have been asked the most is “What about after the 30 days, will you continue this lifestyle?” My answer is ….. How can I not?!?!?! I can’t imagine going back…. And I don’t want to! I don’t ever want to feel that way again and now I know that I don’t have to! I’m not saying that I will never have a piece of cake or eat meat again, but as far as a lifestyle, I have found my home… and it was right here… all along.

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  1. Teri
    Jun 01, 2010 @ 15:51:27

    Congratulations my dear friend!!! What a journey and what many blessed discoveries. I continue to pray for you and wish you all the best on your new path. God Bless you, I love you!!


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