Just Do It!

When I first stepped onto an elliptical, my goal was to make it to 5 minutes. I was very overweight, very uncomfortable, and very out of shape. I made it to 3 minutes. When I first attempted a spin class, again, out of shape, I could only half way participate in the first 10 minutes of the 40 minute class. When I signed up to take a running class, initially, not a pretty sight. I now have the Zumba DVD’s and I can only attempt those moves when no one is around!

My point is that I am trying to switch my thinking from focusing on what I can’t do to what I can. There are people out there who would love to be able to climb stairs instead of take the elevator. Those who would love to park across the parking lot rather than the designated handicap parking. Many people would rather dance to exercise music than sit in their chair.

When there are people out there who do not have the choice to be active, how can I ignore my opportunities to move this body? How can I not swim, run, dance? I have no doubt, there are many who would love to trade places even for a day. God, thank you for this body and its capabilities. Please help me to value and appreciate all that it can do…. and just do it!… with gratitude!

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  1. claudia
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 14:54:17

    What encouraging words!


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