Buffet? Bad idea

Last week, my fiance and I went out to dinner. We were trying to decide where to go and thought that Chinese food sounded good. I was sure that I could get some tasty veggies from the buffet, so I thought it was great. I soon learned…the buffet was a bad idea… but not for the reason you may assume….

No, I did not pile my plate and make several trips. I actually attempted to choose items that were somewhat healthy. I first went for veggies and salmon. They looked beautiful… but the flavor was lacking, to say the least. I decided maybe it was that particular dish of vegetables, so I chose a different entree. Again, bland…very, very bland.

I was confused because this is a great restaurant, one of our favorites. We have gone to this place many times over the years and I always love it. But then….I figured it out. The buffet has not changed, I have. Most of the items I usually choose from the Chinese buffet are fried. I usually pick a wide variety of different things, but my plate appears to be just one color…. fried. Brown…crisp…greasy…fried. The interesting thing that I realized is that…it is not the Chinese food that I have grown to enjoy over the years…its the sweet and sour sauce. It occurred to me as I searched for “flavor” that my routine is to fill my plate with fried everything and then smother it with sweet and sour sauce. I don’t know what real food tastes like from a Chinese buffet because all I really taste is the sauce. I have probably consumed a ridiculous amount of calories never tasting the substance under the sauce. What a waste!

This whole healthy living thing has become quite an inconvenience to my way of thinking! LOL I can no longer settle! Obviously, I am kidding. It’s all a blessing! A blessing in that I am eating better and feeling wonderful! I am choosing quality over quantity. Gone are the days that I continue to shovel in anything and everything. I choose better now. I choose health now. I enjoyed my $3.99 Subway sandwich way more than my $9.99 Chinese buffet. I think I’m going to avoid buffets for a while. It’s just not worth it. Quality has become way more important that quantity.

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  1. Teri
    Jun 14, 2010 @ 10:20:13

    Very cool! I can’t wait to get a subway sandwich. Just 3 more days of cleansing!!


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