DIScouraged? or ENcouraged?

Awww Snap! Why did I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?!?!?! This is one of those moments when I question if this whole transparent blog thing was such a good idea…LOL Here’s the deal…. Sundays have been my weigh-in days. Up until this point, I have loooved Sunday weigh-ins.  Yesterday was different. Last week I was up 2 pounds from vacation. After I got home and got back into my routine, I got rid of those two pounds and 2 more…. Bringing my total loss to 18 pounds! WooHoo! Not sure why, but Sundays weigh-in was back to 179. Guess I have hit the dreaded plateau….yuck. I continue to feel a difference in my clothes and I believe I am still losing inches, but that was a bit discouraging.

Apparently, my “first thing in the morning” disappointment triggered a full on case of the blahs. My thoughts were flooded with negativity. I seriously felt under attack… “What a joke you are!” “No one even reads your blog, why do you bother?” “It’s not helping anyone…you’re wasting your time!”“You’re never going to be free of this bondage!” “God has bigger things to be concerned about than your silly issues!”  Needless to say, my mind was not a happy place to be yesterday.

I thought long and hard about these cruel comments that hung over my head like a grey cloud. I asked God to please replace these thoughts with His thoughts. It did not come immediately. In fact, I was still struggling even today. I really had to be still for a while….I turned off the radio in my car. I kept my phone on vibrate. I asked God to take control of all incoming and outgoing traffic in my mind. When I removed the junk and sought clarity, it was easier to put things in perspective.

I have enjoyed countless victories, big and small, since this journey began. I can’t let myself get all worked up if my progress slows down. I have to remember, it’s a marathon…not a sprint. This is not a short term decision. This truly is a meaningful change that will last a lifetime. It took me years to pack on the pain in the form of extra weight. It may take a few more months to make it disappear.

Thank you God, for being patient with me when I lose sight of the prize. Truth is………… even if I never lose another pound…..  ………I’ve already won.

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  1. Jami
    Jun 16, 2010 @ 13:00:49

    You have inspired me in countless ways since I have started reading your blog. Teri forwarded me a portion of your one of your posts about your body after having kids and I was hooked! I look forward to reading your posts every day on my lunch break. Since reading your blog posts I have started eating healhier and cooking healthier for my family.


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