Big Dipper

Big dipper

Because of my recent experience at the Chinese restaurant, I started to take mental notes about how often I used to dip my food. Guess what I realized??? I’m a pretty big dipper! Since I discovered how much I enjoyed dipping Chinese food in sweet and sour sauce…. And soy sauce… And duck sauce… I began to think about a few other things…. I dip my scrambled eggs in ketchup… I literally dip each bite of a cheeseburger in ketchup…. And like all true Americans, I drown my fries in ketchup too… I couldn’t even begin to name all of the things I dip in ranch dressing! Carrots, cheese sticks, garlic bread, fried pickles, pizza…. Not to mention most of my salads are swimming in ranch…. I dip fried mushrooms in honey mustard dressing…. I dip each bite of steak in Worcestershire sauce… I like cheese dip….salsa….mustard and ketchup mixed….. barbecue sauce……honey and butter mixed. Plus, I’m a southerner, and we dip just about anything in white gravy. (And in my family, we make chocolate gravy, yes…you read that correctly….chocolate gravy). The list could go on.

As I think about how often I use dips, I realize how much I am altering the flavor of my food. Most of the above mentioned dips are loaded with sugar. So that means, I can take almost anything…. Cover it with liquid sugar and consume extremely large amounts of food and tons of calories, while never really tasting any of it! What have I been doing to myself? Maybe that’s why my taste buds were jumping for joy during my 30 days!   At the rate I was going for so many years, apparently the majority of flavors that I had grown accustomed to was sweet and sweet with an extra side of sweet!

I am going to be more aware of my “dipping” habit and try to be conscious of the flavors of food that really do not need to have sweetness added. I really believe I have been missing out on Gods best!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cindy
    Jun 18, 2010 @ 08:43:35

    I though you were going to say something about the stars:). How is it that you keep making me think. I am a dipper too. I have been trying to give up ketchup because of the sodium.


  2. Shelly
    Jun 18, 2010 @ 10:07:22

    omg! eggs & ketchop…GROSS 🙂


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