Setbacks and Discouragement

It is amazing how quick we can get discouraged. We can be so content and encouraged one day and the next day talk ourselves into believing that what we do doesn’t matter. W e can convince ourselves that we are too small to make a difference… in our own lives, in our circle of friends and family, in the world and certainly too small to matter to the Kingdom of God.  Recently, I read an interesting story that I think explains why.

The story is told that Satan was “going out of business.” All of his tools were up for sale and attractively displayed on a table. What an array! There was hatred, envy, jealousy and deceit to name only a few. One harmless- looking tool, much worn, was priced higher than any of the others. “What is that tool?” someone asked. “Discouragement,” was the reply. “Why is it so expensive?” Satan answered, “Because it is more useful to me than any of the others.”

Ahhhh, I get it! Just as David found strength in the Lord his God (1 Samuel 30:6), I will call upon my Lord for a new energy, a new outlook, and a new strength!


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