I Need Structure

I have learned something about myself. I am one of those people that operates better with rules and guidelines. If I have a deadline, I get things done. It may be just before the deadline, but it will get done. Tell me to eat vegan for 30 days and I can do it. I have. Tell me to go 30 days without sugar and I can do it. I have. Atkins. Done. Weight Watchers. Done. Isagenix. Done. Sticking to a short term program with a beginning and an end, I can do. However, give me the freedom to choose and then expect me to make the right food choices consistently—I have learned—not my strength. When I tried eating “whatever I want” but just cut back on portions, I was successful but only temporarily. Maybe I will get there someday, but I know I am not there yet.

This pattern has caused me to yo-yo for years. It’s almost like I think there’s a finish line…. and when you cross that line, it’s over. I know that way of thinking is not logical. An alcoholic can’t go 30 days sober and then become a casual drinker. My pastor often talks about being delivered from alcoholism. He says that he is more tempted to drink toilet water than he is to take a drink of alcohol. Ahhh, if only I could live without food….LOL …in the same way an alcoholic can survive if they never take another drink. I am not functioning well allowing trigger foods to be a part of my day. So….I have an idea. Call it a weakness or just call it being honest with myself, but I know me and I need structure and guidelines. Maybe it’ a fake it til you make it approach, but I am going to set up some guidelines for myself and extend the time length.

I loved how I felt doing the Daniel’s Fast. I loved how close I felt to God and how focused I was during the fast. I have decided to continue a structure similar to the fast with a few modifications. The main thing that I feel is necessary is cutting out refined sugar and eating as close to natural as possible. I know that exercise is a must and I love how good it makes me feel. One other thing I know about me… too many rules and I get overwhelmed. So, I’ll stop at Two Rules.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the cool part! I am going to do this for 100 days! Yes, friend, that is correct…. No refined sugar for 100 days. This will begin on Friday, July 2nd and end on…you guessed it! My wedding day! The next bite of refined sugar I eat will be my wedding cake. =) As far as exercise, I will commit to an exercise schedule, but I have decided that on the days that I feel “too tired” or “too busy,” I can do a minimum of 10 minutes of cardio. We all have at least 10 minutes a day, right?

Recap: Two Rules. 1.) Eat clean- no refined sugar.  2.) A minimum of 10 minutes of cardio—for 100 days.

Why am I sharing this proclamation with you? Two reasons: First, now I have accountability…MAJOR accountability! The second reason…. I’m wondering if anyone out there might be interested in joining me?  Read on…..

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