Started Day One at the beach!

I did not see a “real” beach until I was 23 years old. Living in a land-locked state, I only saw the beach in movies and pictures, but I loved it! …at least, the idea of it. At 23, I saw the beaches of Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. At 25, I experienced the beautiful beaches along the coast of Italy. Then Destin, Florida and eventually our family made a work-related move to the South Padre Island area. I love it here for many reasons, but I must admit the beach is at the top of the list! Going to the beach is a spiritual experience for me. No matter what is going on in my life, I find peace and solace in a walk on the beach. When I was going through a divorce, I visited the beach daily. When I am stressed and need a break from chaos, the salty air seems to help center my thoughts. When I need to study, I can read on the beach. When I need to relax, there is nothing more calming than the sound of the waves. And when I want to celebrate, my favorite fruity drink and live bands are waiting for me at our open beachside restaurants.
Today is Day One of our 100 Days to Better Health. I decided to start my day with…. you guessed it, a walk on the beach=) It was wonderful! As you may know, our area was recently visited by Hurricane Alex. Fortunately, it was not a direct hit, but there is evidence of Alex all over our little island. As I walked along, I could see a lush carpet of seaweed all along the shore. Debris from who knows where is scattered throughout and the sand dunes show the marks of wind and flood erosion. If I chose to let that be my focus, I could stop now, vie for your pity and end this story.
Oh but there was so much more! As I let my eyes follow the retreating waters and look towards the horizon, what I saw was breathtaking. Deserving of our respect, the majestic waves danced in a way that would make any surfer’s heart skip a beat. Then the gentle and calm extension of those waves rolled ashore as resilient vacationers and locals tiptoed along the edges. Children are playing, laughing, exploring …. obviously enjoying every carefree moment.
It was then that I began to realize what a difference our perspective can make. I could look around and only choose to see the evidence of our battered beaches or I can look out into the horizon to see the bigger picture. It is still just as beautiful! God is still an amazing artist! I began to think about how I started this journey back in February of asking God to be my Guide as I deal with my food issues. I have experienced wonderful victories… as beautiful as a beach sunset. I have also experienced setbacks… as chaotic as our battered beaches look today. But from what perspective shall I choose to view this journey? Will I choose to only appreciate the beautiful moments or can I find gratitude in my times of discouragement? God is still God…. in the calm… and in the storm. He is faithful even when I am not.
As I continued my walk, enjoying communion with my Creator, I was overwhelmed with emotion when I realized where I was. I had no idea I had gone that far. I found myself standing in the exact location where I will stand in 100 days.

South Padre Island County Beach Access #3… the destination for our wedding… on 10-10-10.

Thank you God for a beautiful start to Day One!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. claudia
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 15:51:23

    What a beautiful way to celebrate Day One. May the next 99 days be as blessed!


  2. Teri
    Jul 06, 2010 @ 09:04:42

    So touching and beautiful!


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