Sheee’ss Baaaccckk!

Whew! Glad that’s over! Finals are tough anyway, but Finals for Summer classes are insane! Between the hurricane, the holiday, summer classes, and family in town, life has been crazy busy! But it’s been a good first week! Mountains and valleys with a few victories along the way. My walk on the beach was about 3.7 miles and it was awesome. In fact, so awesome that I did it again the next day. My food choices were not terrible but not great. I tried to choose “just enough” but probably could have stopped sooner a few times. I do have a cool small victory: I made, decorated and served a huge birthday cake for a dinner party, but did not partake. Yay! It was a little bit challenging but not too bad considering I can read my daily checklist and draw strength from my own written commitments. I plan to get back into my routine this week. I’m going to rest up this weekend and get ready to start a new job and Summer IIclasses on Monday. I have so many great articles that I am working on to post soon! God has really been showing me His grace. Stay tuned!

Oh, and by the way, I’m still a 4.0 student =) God is so good!

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