Lean on Me

I know that I have already posted today, but I just got back from an awesome walk/run/walk and I just have to share what has been on my mind for the past 27 minutes!

First of all, it felt amazing! I have been concentrating on strength training on M-W-F and cardio on T-TR, in which I am now starting to run. Today, I was able to go 8 one minute runs with 2 minute walks in between. This feels incredible! During my walk, my thoughts drifted back a few years and I am so inspired, I have to share this!

I am 36 years old and I continue to have a close relationship with my best friend from 2nd grade. (Do the math…that’s a long time! LOL) Let me set this up for you: This girl had everything I wanted. She was beautiful, popular, strong …plus I was in love with her brother…lol

She had what I wanted more than anything… a mom. Her mom was strict and everyone knew not to cross her. We would never want to face that wrath! She told it like it was and did not apologize for it! As firm as she was, it was obvious that ferocious moma bear loved her children. She wasn’t my mom, but she acted like it many times. I love that woman eternally.

My friend was a beast! This tall, muscular athlete excelled at every sport she tried. Even with asthma, she could run faster, hit the ball harder, and shoot better than I ever could! I always wanted to be like her. Whether it was summer ball or school sports, she was amazing and I admired her so much. She was a rock.

The years have passed and we continue to go through and share many things together…. including our struggle with weight and good health.  My friend has told me several times over the past few months that my blog has inspired her. Wow! I have inspired her?!?! This athletic goddess whose shadow I lived in for years has been inspired by what God is doing in my life!? Do you have any idea how wonderful that makes me feel! It’s so nice to feel that what you’re doing matters… to someone… to anyone.

You know who you are…I love you…I admire you…and I am right beside you…every step of the way! That beast is still in there…I know it! Let’s revisit her.. whatcha think?

Thank You God that not only are You on this journey with me, you are sending friends to go through the mountains and valleys with me as well! How great is thy faithfulness!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cindy
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 11:35:56

    I got chills reading your blog today. I hope Shelly reads it. You are also an encouragment to me. I need to lose 30 pounds and not because of vanity but because of my health. You inspire me so much. I feel like I can accomplish about anything I want in life but permanant weight loss seems to evade me and I know that you and Shelly have struggled with it also. Let this be the time that we change our circumstances for good with Gods help. Let this be the time that we break the addiction of eating for comfort and get moving for life. I love you and tell Shelly I love her too.


  2. Shelly
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 12:48:26

    ok…i want the 2 of you 2 know…you both made me cry @work in front of everyone…but that’s okay…i really needed it…so thank you both very much… i love the both of you so much and i’m so thankful 2 have both of ur friendships…you are both apart of why i am the woman i am 2day…growing up you dont realize how much we take in and get from our friends and even thru our whole life…i really enjoyed our week-end @ Cindy’s we need 2 do that again…i’m so happy we are all doin this 2gether…i cant wait 4 the wedding we are all gonna look great & better yet feel amazing…it’s so hard trying 2 juggle bein a good Wife, good Mom & still some how have time & energy 2 be urself…i know i have lost myself but thanx 2 yall i am finding myself again… which in reality i will be a better wife and mom…crazy stuff 🙂


  3. Teri
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 16:24:37

    So inspirational and so beautiful! My prayer for all of the women out there that are struggling with weight is to find that beast inside that takes care of everything and everyone except herself and turn it inward. Remember who we were and who were are and not be reduced to only seeing ourselves from the outside. We are all good enough. Thank you for being so brave and creating this blog. You are changing many lives. Hugs and kisses!!


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