I love Saturday mornings! I got up and went for a 3.7 mile walk/run this morning on the beach. It was so wonderful! I love doing it, but nothing is better than the feeling you get when it’s done!

As I ran, I took it all in. The beautiful waves, the sunlight glistening off of the water, the graceful pelicans soaring above. It is wonderful to experience the beach like this. I was usually the girl sitting on a towel watching the runners go by. For years, I watched with envy as the fit girls ran past me wearing their cute workout clothes….thinking my days for that possibility were over. Yet today, here I am. … starting my Saturday with a 3.7 mile trek on the beautiful beaches I call home. Yay!

I have never been to prison, but when I think about this process, I often feel that this struggle is similar to that of being in prison. In many ways, I feel there is a parallel between the bondage of being incarcerated and the bondage to an addiction of any kind. In the same way an inmate is bound because of his own choices, I too, have been confined by my own choices. I have spent years feeling “trapped” and wanting so desperately to have the freedom of good health and energy.  I have longed to be on the other side and made countless promises … “if only…”

I am nearing freedom. I am drawing closer and closer… my chains that have kept me in captivity are being loosened day by day. More often than not, I feel unstoppable. To God be the glory!

Let Freedom Ring!

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