40 days down… 60 to go!

Good morning Friends!

I have been so overwhelmed with writing papers and finishing projects that I haven’t written much this week. The good news is that Summer II Finals will be over Friday! Yay! I have really had to manage my time to get in workouts and healthy meals. It has been challenging and I must admit, I have missed a couple of days here and there. But I am still striving to stay on track. It’s a juggling act but it’s important!

I am so excited! I have had two friends tell me that they will run the bridge with me in January!!! That is so cool! I cannot wait! I am going to step up my running commitments. Instead of running every other day, I think my body is ready for running every day, even if it’s just for short distances. I think consistence is the key here.

Which leads me to my next tidbit of information to share…

Today is Day 40 in my “No sugar” commitment! I have not had any candy, cakes, CHOCOLATE, or desserts of any kind for 40 days! There are definitely traces of sugar in some of the things I have had, but as far as the foods with extremely high amounts of sugar that I would eat on a regular basis before…Nada! Chocolate has probably been the biggest challenge, but I have learned a lot about self-discipline and keeping commitments. The scale has not moved as much as I had hoped, but I know these choices are much better for my body. One other benefit that I think I needed to learn is that as much of a sugar addicted life as I had before… I realize I am not powerless over this chemical stronghold. I feel healthier, both physically and mentally. I have more confidence in my abilities to overcome my unhealthy habits that I have carried my entire life! There is a cleansing power in abstaining.

Only 60 days left of my 100 day countdown!!! I am getting healthier and happier by the day! Can’t wait to be Mrs. Blackman!!

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