Get Real

By 7:30 this morning, I was on my two mile walk/run/walk. I started thinking…..

It has been six months since I started my blog. So many amazing blessings have come into my life since the beginning of Extant Woman. I feel like I have done so much work from the inside out. The very fact that I have been able to bring my “secret” life of bingeing into the light is a huge step. No doubt I still have a long way to go, but I am so far from that self-loathing binger sitting alone in a parking lot eating until I felt sick… and then crying all the way home. I truly feel that God has delivered me from that kind of dark existence. Praise God!

Another great thing that has happened over the past six months is that I have made many new friends who are also on a weight loss journey. It has been so exciting and inspiring to read their stories. Along with the blessings of learning about the journey of others came something quite unexpected. Be it blogs, books, programs, success stories or even failures, I got very caught up in the great big world of weight loss. It’s so easy to lose sight of your own journey when you get so caught up in the “global” efforts to be healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of bloggers and I personally know the benefits of writing, but this is what I have discovered:

My blog started out as a place where I could write my earnest prayers. I could record the struggles and victories of my experiences. I could share my intimate thoughts of how I called upon my Heavenly Father to guide me in my daily decisions and lead me to better health. This blog is part of my journey.. and I love it. But I love it the way it started. I don’t want to write with any concerns of who may be reading it or how many times it has been viewed each day. I want to go back to my roots….

I am on a journey to better health and I have asked God to be my Guide. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now…. it’s time to realign my focus and lose some more of this weight!! I will be recording my efforts in more detail over the next few weeks. I need to be accountable and I know if I am writing about it, it will help me to Eat clean and move! God Bless You!

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