Eat clean and move

Today was very busy and very fun! I started my day with Zumba and then a few extra minutes on the elliptical. I am feeling it! WooHoo! I also spent most of the day shopping and getting everything ready for all of us to start back to school. Since we were in town, we ate lunch out. I had choices to make and I am happy to report that even though we went to one of those “everything” buffets, I was satisfied with a salad, veggies and fruit. It really was good and a nice treat. I even asked them how they made their potatoes because they were so tasty =) This is a very different scenario than my former buffet meals…. Ugh…. I don’t even want to think about it…lol

So today, my thoughts were in a good place, I followed my plan to eat clean and move, and I feel good about my accomplishments.
(Sorry if this seems boring, but like I said, I am writing the mundane details for my own accountability.)

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