The Real Java Juice

I am so excited! I got an early birthday present!!!

You know that fancy smancy power juicer that you see on TV? I wanted one so bad and my sweet and wonderful family got it for me for my birthday! I am so excited! I absolutely love it! It is much easier to clean than the little Wal-Mart one that I bought a few years ago, so I use it more since there is less hassle. But that’s not even the cool part! The best thing about having my new juicer, is that I can make amazingly yummy healthy treats for my family!

I have read many times that the mother of the household sets the tone for the lifestyle of the family. Talk about pressure!!! I have come to realize, this is very true. My children have followed my examples… both the good ones and unfortunately, the bad ones too. When I am making healthier choices, my kids get excited and follow suite. And… when I am laying on the couch watching TV while mindlessly eating a bag of chips…. they do that too.

So I have been trying to be aware of their little eyes and what they see….and make sure it is what I want to pass down. With that in mind, I just have to share with you that my morning has started off wonderful! Before school, I juiced some apples, carrots and strawberries…. It tasted amazing, but the best part was when my son asked….”Hey mom, can we have this every morning?”

Absolutely! I am honored to pass on a new legacy! Just like you, there are no limits to my love for my children and I want the very best for them. Thank you Father God for being the perfect parenting model!

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  1. Shelly
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 12:56:52

    🙂 ❤ ya ! keep up the awesome work…very proud…size 12…amazing!


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