I love it when I jot down inspirational things during a sermon and then leave them in my Bible to find months later. It’s like a little surprise reminder when I need it most. God’s pretty cool that way. This morning I was reading my Bible and found a notecard that I had written on over a year ago when I was at a church in League City, Texas. It was like a new blessing all over again to read the words that inspired me once before. What I had written, blocked out, and underlined then is what I needed to hear this morning: Faithful means to remain steadfast. God is the perfect example of steadfast. He does not waver in his love, his support, his encouragement, or his parenting =)

I want to be more faithful. I want to be steadfast and consistent in my life. I want to hold on to the most important things even when everything seems chaotic and I am pulled in different directions. Sometimes I get side tracked. Not on purpose, but I am a very spontaneous, free spirit that can easily get off course. I need God to pull me back in sometimes…. and He does =) I am grateful for His gentle reminders. At times, I am totally like a wondering child…No wonder He calls us His children! Thank you, Father for being faithful and steadfast…and patient!



Hello friends! Hope all is well with you guys. I just wanted to give you an update. I am doing great! I am crazy busy right now with the wedding only 15 days away! I may not be writing much, but please know that I am thinking about you guys and praying for you! God is so good! This is another wonderful step in my journey! Much love and many blessing~ Charli =)

Oh what a beautiful morning… Oh what a beautiful day!

WooHoo! 174 this morning! 9 more pounds to reach my most recent goal that I set! Stepping up my workouts is paying off!

I feel good….like I knew that I would! =)

Awesome workouts…. great food choices… peace in my spirit… feeling wonderful …176.

God is good… all the time!

Here we go!

I got in a great workout yesterday! I did Zumba… which I love…. and then my Monday (even though it was Tuesday) strength training workout! It was late and I was tired but I made a promise that I would get in my workout no matter what and I did. I slept amazing and woke up feeling incredible. My food choices were pretty good yesterday and since Sunday, I am down to 177. I plan on going full force and I am excited to see what God is gonna do in my life! Have a beautiful day, my friends!

Many Blessings~


Sometimes mirrors can be our friends =) and sometimes they just need to be shattered…LOL

On a serious note, whether it’s a mirror or a reflection in a window or your own image staring back at you as you look into the water, WE are a reflection of SOMETHING. The question is…. what do we reflect?

A few months ago, when I did the Daniel’s fast, people repeatedly said things to me like… “You’re glowing”… “You seem so happy”… “You are so positive.” I think what I was reflecting in my life was that I had given this weight struggle to God. I had asked for his guidance and I was loving the answers He was giving me. I asked, “What should I be eating to keep my temple healthy?” He answered in His Word… “What comes from a seed.” So I did that…. and I felt amazing and saw incredible results. I prayed about what kind of exercise I should be doing… I was led in many directions to several different fitness activities that I enjoyed. So I did that too…. and my energy was unstoppable. I was doing what I feel God gave me as answers to my earnest prayers. My emotions were balanced, my thoughts were clearer, and I felt awesome! I was reflecting God’s glory and the work He was doing in my life.

My blog is evidence that I have been struggling over the past few months. I have had wonderful mountain top experiences and I have had some pretty rough valley experiences. When I look at the big picture and go back to read my struggles, I can see so clearly what a difference there was in this journey when I was truly seeking God’s ways. It’s so obvious when I am committed to doing things God’s way, and likewise… so obvious when I am trying to do it on my own. When we are on top of the mountain, it’s easy to say…”OK, God… I got this…. I’ll take it from here.” No one consciously says that, but we take on that attitude. A least, that’s what I did.

And how ironic… the day I ended my Daniel’s fast, I weighed 179. I have spent 3 months bouncing around and yet Sunday morning… I weighed 179… right where I left off when I thought I could do this on my own.

Sunday morning I prayed about where I am in this journey and later that morning I heard the most incredible sermon at church. Our Associate Pastor spoke about mirrors. I felt that I was the only one in that room and I needed every word of what he said. I realize that even when I was in the valley… I was reflecting…. but it wasn’t God’s glory that people could see in me… it was my own pride and failed attempts to run the show. But check this out! I loved what he said on Sunday:

I John 3:2,3

Though for now it might appear to be dim and unclear, there will come a day when the glory of God is reflected clearly in all his people. We shall be changed, we shall be like him, and we shall see him, not as “through a glass darkly,”┬ábut as he really is, in all his glory. And those of us who love him will reflect this glory to one another.

“The Greek verb used for “reflect” can mean either “to behold oneself in a mirror” or “to serve as a mirror.” It was the property of mirrors back in those days (which were made of a flat, circular piece of cast metal) that the more polished the surface, the clearer the image. Continuous elbow grease was needed to keep away corrosion. The life and ministry of the believer are depicted as a mirror that is in need of continual polishing so as to reproduce an ever-increasing extent of the glorious knowledge and truths of God’s Word.”

Wow! That really hit home for me. There is comfort in realizing I am still being polished! LOL Polish Away, Lord! Make me shine and reflect Your glory!

Is it possible?

Is it possible to reach my goal weight of 165 by my wedding? This morning I was up again to 179…. Is it realistic for me to kick it in serious gear and work out “Biggest Loser” style and reach my goal in 28 days?

Someone said to me… “It’s too late.”

Ya know what I say to that?


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