I love it when I jot down inspirational things during a sermon and then leave them in my Bible to find months later. It’s like a little surprise reminder when I need it most. God’s pretty cool that way. This morning I was reading my Bible and found a notecard that I had written on over a year ago when I was at a church in League City, Texas. It was like a new blessing all over again to read the words that inspired me once before. What I had written, blocked out, and underlined then is what I needed to hear this morning: Faithful means to remain steadfast. God is the perfect example of steadfast. He does not waver in his love, his support, his encouragement, or his parenting =)

I want to be more faithful. I want to be steadfast and consistent in my life. I want to hold on to the most important things even when everything seems chaotic and I am pulled in different directions. Sometimes I get side tracked. Not on purpose, but I am a very spontaneous, free spirit that can easily get off course. I need God to pull me back in sometimes…. and He does =) I am grateful for His gentle reminders. At times, I am totally like a wondering child…No wonder He calls us His children! Thank you, Father for being faithful and steadfast…and patient!

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