Good morning, God! Thank you for another day. I don’t feel so well this morning. I have not been kind to my body… especially over the past week. Thanksgiving was wonderful,but it really fired up my addictions. I was in a sugar induced coma and strung out on caffeine almost the entire week. I was grumpy and hyper-sensitive. I do not like this version of me. Gaining back some weight has really affected my confidence. I am so insecure and full of self doubt again. I don’t like this. I know this is not how it’s supposed to be. Having felt the awesome experience of good health and natural living, I know there is a better way.

As I have prayed about my struggles lately, what I feel you saying to me is that I need to rid the poisons in my life. The chemical poisons in my body and the poison of negative thinking in my mind. I am scared, God. My typical response in a setback like this is to get all hyped up and start something new and exciting. I don’t want to play the same game. I know that I am definitely motivated by short term goals, but short term goal are just that…. short term. Today I find myself basically back where I started. Talk about discouraging.

I don’t want to set a 21 day goal… or a 30 day goal…. I am choosing to get through today … and today only. I am not going to have soda and I am going to eat as Daniel did. God, please guide me today… and please help me have the wisdom to follow your guidance.

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