Tuesday 12:30 pm

It was nice to have a decent night’s sleep. I am still fighting negative thinking today. Physically, I am not feeling very good. It’s like I can almost feel the toxins having a fist fight within my body. I am incredibly grateful that I have yet to experience any headaches. That’s awesome! The last time I gave up caffeine, it was really rough. Of course, there is really nothing about this detox process that I would call pleasant. Who, in their right mind, would do this to themselves…over and over again?
{{{Deep breath in….exhale}}}

I know the good stuff in just around the corner… I just know it. I am trying to look forward. I know that within a couple of days, I am going to feel amazing.

Thank you Father God for not giving up on me…when I apparently try relentlessly to give up on mysellf.

Tuesday 4:00pm

Well, on top of an already stressful day, my car broke down. It overheated several times… to the point that not only was there smoke coming out from under the hood, and from the tale pipe, it was filling up the inside of my car! I had to walk several blocks to make it to class on time. Fortunately, some friends helped me out and it was just a radiator hose that needed to be replaced. This has not been such a great day.

Tuesday evening….

Around 8:00pm the headaches came… ugh. I wasn’t feeling well so I took a bath and went to bed by 8:30ish. At around 10:00pm I started getting sick…like violently ill. This went on until 6:45 Wednesday morning. I will spare you the gruesome details, but it was not pretty. Talk about miserable. No sleep, weak, and deadlines to meet. Somehow… someway…I made it through.

So today is Thursday and I feel 100% better! Either I had a yucky virus or God took me serious when I prayed for a detox! I am staying on track and have not had sodas or junk. I don’t know that chicken noodle soup is ok on The Daniel Fast, but I did decide to introduce food to my empty stomach last night and soup sounded good. =) I am looking forward to a great day with God as my Guide!

Many Blessings, my friends!

(And you thought I was MIA because I fell off the wagon…LOL No, I’m good…. a little shaken…a little rattled… but I’m good!)

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