Decisions, Decisions

Ok, either I have lost my mind or I have quite possibly begun to understand this Holy Spirit thing. Tonight I was standing in the check out line at Wal-Mart arguing the fact that I wanted a candy bar….or a bag of chips…or anything. I knew that I did not need it. I was on my way home to eat dinner with my family, that was the last thing that I should be having. Yet, I stood there, contemplating. I actually had a conversation in my mind…LOL Ultimately, I settled on the notion that having that junk would not be honoring God with my body and so I checked out without it. Hmmm. Is that how this works? I find myself in a dilemma and I ask my “Counselor” to help me make a decision. Sounds silly, I know. But for someone who has spent most of my life turning off that voice and doing what I wanted anyway, it was a different kind of experience. Verrrryyy interesting.

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