Excuses, Excuses

Hello, my friends! Just wanted to check in and tell you that I hope you are doing well! I am having a great week! My busy schedule is keeping my life as crazy as ever, but I am making it work for me! On Monday, I had to take my daughter to softball practice in the evening, so I walked the track around the field. I probably only got in a little over a mile, but it’s a start. Then when I got home, I did one set of my Monday strength training plan. On Tuesday, I was very proud of myself! Let me tell you why…I wake up at 5:45 every day, drive for almost an hour to work and an hour back home. On Tuesdays, I have another class in the evenings, so after work, I then drive another hour to the University. So by the time I get home, it is usually after 8:00pm and I am tired. Even to think of working out exhausts me even further. But I
did it anyway! I did 20 minutes on the elliptical! I wanted to stop at 5 minutes, then again at 10. But I did not stop until I hit 20 minutes – something that it took me weeks to build up to before. This drive was in part, because my husband helped me realize how much I make excuses. “I haven’t been working out lately, shouldn’t I eeeaaassse back into my routine?” “I can’t do that!” “I could hurt myself!” Guess what?! I did not kill myself, I did not even hurt myself. In fact, when I was finished, what I felt was… empowered! My food choices have been good and I am looking forward to the scale on Sunday! (never thought I would say that!)

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  1. Teri
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 13:43:08

    Yaa!! Good Luck on payday!!! :]


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