A Tremendous Blessing!

I was so encouraged this morning!

Let me explain why this felt like such a tremendous blessing: As I shared recently, I have been blogging for about a year. In the beginning, it was dark and painful, but as I began to open up my heart and share my food struggle with the world, Light began to shine into my journey. It was so amazing and I felt so blessed by God and by those who shared in this journey with me, either by reading my blog or keeping me in their prayers. I felt God moving in my life in so many areas. After a while, I guess the “honeymoon phase” began to pass and the journey got hard….really hard. Eventually, my motivation began to slip away, my excitement about my newfound lifestyle drifted and I gradually returned to some of my old ways. Regardless, my love for the Lord and my commitment to Him has not wavered. Having said all of that, I must admit, there is a great deal of frustration and sometimes even embarrassment when it comes to weight loss struggles. Especially when you credit God for all of your “success”. There are some who would say, “If God was your source of strength to lose the weight, then how could you gain it back?” My answer is this: God never changes, but my choices do. His strength and power are still available to me, but I do not always choose to look to His provision. (How very foolish, I know.) Nevertheless, it is humbling to blog about the ups and downs of this experience. I assure you, I absolutely LOVE writing when I am doing great! Don’t we all? It always feels wonderful to report good news! But on those days when you can’t face your closet to try to piece together another outfit, or when you are sitting alone in your car bingeing on pizza, it is much more difficult to write about. But I have. I have shared with you the good, the bad, and the grotesquely unpleasant.

Recently, one of my readers (who is also a very good friend), asked for the link to my blog again. She said that she hasn’t read in a while and wanted to catch up. My recent disappointment in my weight gain prompted me to forewarn her of what she might find. I felt the need to explain that things were not all rainbows and daisies here on my blog. Her response delighted my soul!

“Oh friend! I don’t follow your blog because you’ve got it all figured out! Our friendship is based on more than whether you are slender or not, silly girl! I love following your blog because you’re STILL figuring it out, and because you are so open and honest about your journey. It is inspiring to see how God is using you, regardless of weight fluctuations. I love you just because you’re you!”

It feels so good to know that good or bad, weight gain or weight loss, this is important. God can still use my journey… and I needed to be reminded of that today! Thank you, my dear friend!

Still wondering…

Well, I guess I will have to keep wondering. My not-so-wonderful, uninvited friend, PMS, has made this a challenging week. Why am I surprised?

1 Peter 5:8 says “Be clear-minded and alert. Your opponent, the devil, is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”

I used to think of this as a scary and creepy verse. I guess it is …..if you picture this prowling beast seeking it’s helpless prey, it could be very creepy…very scary. But am I helpless? By no means! I have learned that I have the greatest source of power to tap into at the tip of my tongue. So if the help is there and I am not helpless, then I guess the first part of this verse is what really applies here. I have not been clear-minded and alert. If I know challenging moments will arise, as they always do, then shouldn’t I be prepared…alert…clear-minded?

In this crazy busy world and in my crazy busy life, that is hard to do. But I know it is not impossible! I also know that when I am alert and calling upon the Lord as my strength, I am quite the opposite of helpless…. I am strong, I become a beast of a different kind! LOL

Thank you, God, for making your strength and power available to us! Please help me to “stay alert” and use it!