Looking for Love in all the wrong places!

In today’s Made to Crave Bible study, I was struck by the question: “Is it possible we love and rely on food more than we love and rely on God?”

At first glance, I gasp at the thought! By no means do I “love” food more than God!

Or do I? Where do I turn when I need comfort? When I want a reward? When I feel joy? When I experience stress? When I feel sadness? When I feel happiness? When I experience boredom?

Ouch! I continually turn to food before God for all of these emotions and situations. I am reminded of the “romance” conversation. When we love someone/something, we give of our time, energy, thoughts, and desires. Oh how I want to love God that way! I want to crave Him! I want to desire Him above all! I love the thought that we are literally made to crave! It truly is in our DNA to desire and long for….not some thing… but some ONE!

Thank you for making me in this way, God! Please help me as I direct my cravings and desires to You and away from food!

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