Week One of C25K

I had a great start to C25K! Week One is very doable….even if you are out of shape! I have not been consistent with my workouts for quite some time, but I was able to finish each run for week one because it is designed to ease you in. I appreciate that! LOL

What I found the most exciting is that each run was very meaningful. On the first day, I was very burdened. I was upset and really did not want to run, but I was committed and so I went. It turned into such a beautiful thing. I was walking/running and trying to process my emotions. My prayers brought tears and before I knew it, my run was over and I had spent an
extremely meaningful half hour with God. It was awesome. My second run was very special because my daughter went with me. She rode her bike while I ran/walked and we had great conversation about health and life in general. A priceless moment spanned over two miles. My third and last run of the week was spectacular! I was on vacation at the lake and could have easily talked myself out of going, but I do not want this to be ANOTHER one of those situations. So I got up and went first thing in the morning. It was so beautiful being in nature early in the day and watching the world wake up. The coolest thing happened. As I ran, I heard rustling sounds in the bushes. When I looked over, I saw the most beautiful majestic deer running along side of the road! It was incredible! After a few feet, the deer jumped and crossed the road right in front of me! It was such an amazing moment!

Now I don’t know if every run will be so wonderful as the first week has started, but I am exceptionally grateful for Week One!

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  1. Shelly
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 10:08:37

    Keep Up The Good Work…Proud of You 🙂


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