Week Three of C25K

Finished Week Three! I must admit, I am impressed with myself! LOL So often, I get real amped up in the beginning, but fail to follow through. So let me take a moment to be proud! LOL Ok, moving on…

Week Three steps it up and is definitely challenging. But I looked ahead and Week Four is looking a bit tough! I am excited and I am asking that my readers help hold me accountable! LOL It’s tough, but I know I can do it and I will not give up.

I was ticked off this morning when I got on the scale. Although I knew my food choices weren’t great, I have been running faithfully and really wanted to see a loss. But did I? Noooooo! In fact, I have gained three pounds. Talk about discouraging. It really clicked in my mind today that all of this running and sweating will do me no good if I am going to eat brownies and ice-cream without thinking twice. This is simple Math and these numbers are not adding up to my advantage! Today, for the first time in my life, I counted calories. I have NEVER counted calories! When I saw how much food I could have within my daily caloric allowance to lose weight, I thought…”No freaking wonder!” I am so used to having what I
want and as much as I want that I didn’t realize the huge amount of calories I indulge in.

Hmmm, there’s a thought…. Simple Math…Calories in vs. Calories burned.

Week Four, here I come! (only this week, I am going to count those calories and not let all of this running be for nothing!)

Week Two of C25K

Another great week! I enjoyed running this week very much. I was at home and ran my normal route in my neighborhood. I love running outside and seeing what each day will bring. Some days it’s a beautiful bird in a color I haven’t seen before, some days I see the alligators in the resaca, and I almost always see the horses and cows. This week, I was chased by dogs and get this… I was chased by goats! Gotta love country living!

It truly is such a peaceful time. What I love the most is that I am spending time with God. Sometimes I take my iPod, but most days I don’t even turn it on. I have come to cherish this time and I am looking forward to building up my strength physically…. and spiritually!