Ok, I did finish Week 4 and was one run short of finishing Week 5 when I went on vacation. I had a wonderful time, but got off my running schedule and still have not started it back. I have a new job as a Middle School teacher and I have been inundated with lesson plans, classroom projects and lots of praying!!! LOL

I am realistic enough to know that for the next few weeks, I am going to be very busy and a bit stressed, so I am not going to add weight loss pressures to it too. I will say, I wish I had not been so careless the past few weeks because I do not feel well. Physically, I feel sluggish and not myself. I have been struggling with defeat and despression. So although I am not planning on a big stressful diet plan, I am praying continuously for peace in this area.

I will check back in a few weeks when the chaos of a new school year slows down! Many Blessings, my friends!