Down another pound and feeling pretty good. I juiced several times last week, stayed very close to natural eating and did Zumba three days, so I feel I am heading in the right direction. I called up a few friends and asked if they wanted to start meeting for Zumba on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. It helps so much to know that other people are counting on you to show up. So often when it’s just ourselves, we excuse our commitments away. But usually we do not want to let others down, so accountability really helps. Plus, if you know anything about Zumba…. it’s always a fun party! Reportedly, an hour of Zumba burns 800 calories. So far, I have done up to 38 minutes (burning 455 calories) and my future goal is to make it to one full hour. It truly is so much fun!

While focusing on clean eating this week, I have really felt a return of balance in my emotions and dependency on chemically rich foods. It amazes me how week and depressed I feel when I consume so much junk and how polar opposite I feel when I stay away from the chemicals. When choosing natural, I have a much stronger sense of self-control and desire to make good choices because I feel good…..and I like to feel good!

So this week, I am going to continue to work towards clean eating, 3 cardio workouts and throw in a couple of strength training workouts and let’s see what happens!

Father God, Thank you for creating all that we need. Please help us to turn back to your original design for our nutrition and realize you are the Great Physician that can heal us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And help us see the connection between the three.

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