You know how you have lifelong friends that you cherish…the ones that you may only see or talk to every few months, but when you get together, you pick right back up like it was only yesterday? Well, that’s how I feel about this blog…lol I love Extant Woman! I love that like most people, I get very busy but I can always come back and share my heart. This is my writing home.

Something very exciting has happened since I last posted. Earlier this month, I was blessed to meet some extraordinary women. One in particular that I was very excited about. I met the author of Made to Crave, Lysa Turkuerst! It was awesome! I went to an Extraordinary Women’s conference and just soaked up all of God’s blessings through the speakers and the music. It was an awesome jolt to my weight loss journey. Some way some how, God always brings us back, right?

So I wanted to fill you in on a fun little challenge I have going with two of my childhood friends. All three of us went to kindergarten together and have been close our entire lives. In fact, we spent the weekend together for the conference. During our countless hours of girl talk, we realized how wonderfully blessed, successful, and fulfilled we are in all of the areas of our life…except for one… Our weight. We have all added pounds over the years and we truly desire to be healthy and to have our lives back. So we set up a little contest to see who could lose the most weight in 6 weeks. There are several purposes for this. Everyone has their own edge. Everyone has a different way that works best for them. I need rules. I need to know to do’s and don’t and to have a deadline….even better. One of my friends is highly competitive. She is all about this challenge and her drive and determination comes out because she will not let anyone show her up. As you can imagine, there is some serious trash talk going on!

So if you want to check out our competition and hey, maybe even join us… Go to
Makingaradicalchange.wordpress.com (You know me, gotta set up a blog about it…LOL) So, yes, it’s pretty awesome… Making a radical change… With my timeless friends!

I pray blessings on you today!