The Year of Half

There are some changes that I need to make that are big and some that are not. But I do know that the smaller changes, if consistent can bring big results. One of the most practical things I can do anytime anywhere and without much prep is to choose to cut my food intake in half. Simply eat only half of what I normally would. I have done this before and I have seen results. This requires no major time consuming preparations, therefore no excuses! Yesterday, even though we were traveling most of the day, I felt successful in cutting my intake by half. Eventually, my goal is to eat less but also eat more organic. but eating half can be done no matter what. So this is where I start. For January, I will commit to cutting things in half and working on portion control as well as self control. I will also be weaning myself from sodas again. I will eventually be drinking only water again. 

So, January goals:


Getting up early (Maximize my Mornings =)

Some kind of exercise every single day


Yesterday, January 1, 2014, I weighed 218 pounds. I was shocked and sad when I saw that number because I haven’t weighed that outside of pregnancy in 20 years. In fact, that’s what I weighed when I delivered my son. I’m wearing a size 18 that is getting tighter and very unflattering. I won’t go into all of the things that I feel right now, but I just need to say that this is why I am in a purposeful pursuit of peace. Looking forward to a year of half!