DDP Yoga

Today, my husband and I started our day with our first DDP Yoga workout! It was great! I can tell that is going to take practice to get comfortable doing it. I was falling all over the place and had to do the modified moves several times, but I did enjoy it. I was feeling the burn and was sweating quite a bit by the end. I want to continue and build my strength, flexibility, and endurance. I was very inspired by the testimonial videos and I have decided that when I find something that encourages me or inspires me, I will be passing it on to my readers.

One of the biggest reasons I believe that I get off track so easily is that I do not plan ahead very well. Today, I went to the store and planned my menu for the week including snacks and lunches. This is a huge step in preparing for success!

Last night, while out having dinner with my husband, I ordered a coke. This wasn’t just any coke…LOL…it was ice cold… in a bottle… from Mexico. YUM! It was good, but when I finished it, I vowed that it would be my last. I went for about a year 1/2 without drinking sodas but got off track recently and started drinking them again. I know that there is no nutritional value and the sugar really adds up. No more cokes, just tea for now. Eventually, I want to give up my sweet tea and have decaffeinated tea with stevia.

One last thing, I did 100 crunches tonight at bedtime. I’m not going to proclaim a big commitment, but I would like to see how consistent I can be with my crunches. Lord knows, these abs need it!

Many Blessings!

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