Day One

For quite some time, I have been feeling led to fast. I did a 30 day Daniel fast a few years ago and it was amazing. I know that God moved and I was blessed tremendously. For several months, I have felt that I need to go deeper in my faith. I need to focus. I need to cry out to God with earnest prayer and fasting. There are several issues that I am fasting and praying about. The first one that is my biggest issue is my health. Not just my physical health, but mental and spiritual. I believe this struggle has robbed me of so much. The depression and negative thoughts surrounding my physical struggles most definitely affect my mental and spiritual well being. So I am fasting and praying for healing. I am seeking God on a deeper level for healing of my food addiction and praying for freedom from this never ending torment. Today was Day One of my Daniel Fast. I began my day with prayer, a good workout, and a devotion. I knew it would be tough because I am so hooked on sweet tea! I was prepared for the headaches from caffeine withdrawal. Surprisingly, I didn’t really have any headaches. I prayed through every challenge and it was pretty awesome. With the Daniel fast, I will only be drinking water and eating what comes from a seed. I had an orange, an apple, and a veggie delight salad from Subway with oil and vinegar. I was so busy at work and so focused on prayer during mealtimes, it was actually easier than I anticipated. I’m not trying to “eat three meals a day and two healthy snacks.” I’m focusing on prayer and eating when I need to.

Moses fasted. David fasted. Elijah, Ahab, Darius, Daniel, Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Paul all fasted. But the most amazing example was Jesus. He fasted for 40 days in the wilderness and he also taught about fasting in his “Sermon on the Mount.” Fasting is biblical. Jesus didn’t say “if” you fast, he said “when” you fast. That implies that it is something Christians should do as we grow in our faith.

Isaiah 58 is an awesome guide to fasting. One of the most important aspects of fasting is having a heart of repentance. Today, I began to pray and confess my willing disobedience. My ongoing battle in my mind of knowing what was right, but choosing the easy way over and over when I knew God’s ways were best. I have not treated my body as a temple of the Lord.

Please understand I am not sharing this with the World Wide Web as a way to attract attention. Biblically speaking, fasting is a private thing between you and God. I am journaling about my experience 1) because I love to write my prayers and share the answers to them 2) accountability 3) no one knows who I am as the author of this blog…unless I tell them. =)

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