Day Six

One of the things about fasting is that it causes you to turn to Christ when you otherwise may not have been thinking about it at the time. Seriously, every time your stomach growls, you are reminded to pray. At every meal time when you think about food, you pray and seek to stay within the guidelines. At every family meal or event, your thoughts are about keeping that closeness with the Holy Spirit as your guide. I take every one of those opportunities to seek obedience, to offer up my will and choose His. It’s really a beautiful thing.

Our family celebrated my husband’s stepdads birthday today. Let me tell ya, my family knows how to do it right! We have some awesome grill masters among our crew and it’s always over the top. I was happy to enjoy our dinner and find ways to stay within my fast. The real topper was the birthday cake. Get this, I made the cake! Yes indeedy, I baked a two layered cake with mountains of chocolate icing and beautiful strawberries to top it off. It was such a joy to create this celebratory dessert and think of the person it would be honoring instead of myself, (normally I would be licking the spoon and snacking on the extra icing). It was also pretty awesome to enjoy the family just being together as everyone had cake. I actually had some watermelon for dessert and it was exceptionally sweet and I did not feel deprived. This is not a Daniel diet, it’s a fast, so there will be sacrifices. There have been countless times this week that I have chosen different, chosen better, and rather than feel slighted, I have an amazing peace in my spirit. Thank you, Father.

I team teach a Sunday school class for teen girls and this morning we shared this video. It’s an awesome video that I saw a couple of months ago and felt that I just had to share. I hope it blesses you.

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