Day Nine

Another long and exhausting day. Sometimes I feel like I am constantly griping at my children. It is so much more difficult to truly parent than it is to just raise kids. Some days it seems that I start barking orders at them within seconds of them waking up to start the day. It exhausts me. I’m sure it’s no joy ride for them either. I am praying for rest which I’m sure will help with my patience. I am reminded, on days like today, why it’s often so difficult to make healthy choices. If it wasn’t for my commitment to fast, today was a day that I would have totally hit the drive thru! Stress and that feeling of just being overwhelmed, has been my reason/excuse to overeat or binge for years. Today was challenging, tomorrow will be busy and stressful and then Friday is the big event so I know there will be some serious stress. (I have 49 students performing in a Living Wax Museum on Friday). I am praying for my children and my role as their mom. They are my greatest joy and I pray that the stressful times can be a little bit easier for all of us. They are good kids and I am so very proud of both of them. I continue to ask for blessings, wisdom, and guidance over their lives and our family. In Jesus name, Amen.

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