At last….summer is here!

Wow, the last few weeks have been crazy! The end of the year “stuff” for teachers is always a bit chaotic, but this year was even crazier for me. As an 8th grade homeroom teacher and also as a parent of an 8th grade student, my end of the year madness was over the top. We had the graduation ceremony to plan and prepare for, but also the class trip in which the students (and I) left the very next day. It was indeed a busy time, but it was wonderful! The graduation ceremony, though somewhat stressful, was very special and meaningful. The class trip was also an overall priceless memory for these students. There were 25 total in our group and we had an awesome time. I am very grateful for the blessing of being a part of a Christian school.

The day after school was out, our family went on our vacation. My husband and I were very excited to take the kids on their first cruise. I had taken on an extra position at work and when I received my extra pay, we booked our trip. It was very exciting. The kids absolutely loved it!

Now that we are home and summer has officially begun, I am truly enjoying a slower pace. In the midst of the chaos in the last few weeks, I have not exercised and I have not made such great food choices. I’m basically right back where I started. So…

Today I got up and went for a walk. Gotta start somewhere! I am really working towards getting the chemicals out. I already feel better just by not running around like a crazy person. It’s nice to slow down…to think…to pray…to listen. I am looking forward to a relaxed, yet productive summer.  

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