It’s All About You

I love living in the country and walking on our dirt road. It really is a beautiful way to start the day. I don’t always get to enjoy the quiet mornings, especially during the school year, but I appreciate it when I do. This morning was exceptionally wonderful. I went for 2.2 miles and although south Texas is hot (very!), there was a pleasant breeze that made my walk so peaceful. Don’t get me wrong, I worked up quite a sweat! I’m just saying it was very pleasant. =)

I almost always take music, yet I almost never turn it on. Most of the time, I enjoy just listening to nature and praying. I think back to some of my morning prayers during my walk and I’m sure the neighbors think I’m crazy! Sometimes I will say my prayers out loud, so they probably think I’m just talking o myself… “Here comes the crazy walker talking to her imaginary friend.” LOL

Well I am talking to a friend, but he’s not imaginary. He is my best friend. He is Jesus; lover of my soul, the Alpha and Omega, my Wonderful Counselor, my Prince of Peace. That’s what makes my morning walks with Him so amazing. When I am bouncing things around in my mind 90 miles an hour, He reminds me what’s really important. It’s all about Him. Thank you, Jesus.

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