The Ultimate Drive Thru Sue

You are driving along thinking of a million things at once. The thought slips into your mind that a cold drink would be nice. You take a mental inventory of who is in the car. You rationalize, “the kids would really like a drink…in fact, they probably need a snack.” So you determine which drive thru is close. Within minutes, you pull in…for the children. You decide as you wait behind the four cars in front of you that you will only get a tea, after all, you are trying to stick to a plan so let’s make it an unsweet tea. The kids are getting a drink and fries. As you approach the speaker, you think….fries? Fries sound good…it’s just a potato, right?

As the voice in the box asks how they may help you, you think of the kids first, of course. =) After ordering drinks and fries for everyone on board, you mumble …”and an unsweet tea.” The voice in the box says, “and a sweet tea?” and before you can fight the urge to correct him, you say, “Yes! and another large order of fries!” It’s like a monster within rose up and took over before you could stop it! Where did that come from???

You then hear, “If your order on the screen is correct, please drive forward.”

Correct? Let’s see…if that means, continue the patterns you’ve had for years that landed you in the plus size world, then, yes, Mr. Voice in the Box, it is correct. You remind yourself…This will not make me a Trim Healthy Mama!!! The other side of your thoughts is screaming…”but wait! That’s not on plan!!!” So you calculate all the ways in your mind to make this ok. “I will not be eating dinner for another two hours…I will make sure that I walk tonight (knowing that you won’t)…this is supposed to be “free style, right?!?!”

You proceed to drive forward to pay (at least monetarily) for your unhealthy choice. As you pass the large, colorful, well-lit, menu with the perfected pictures of desserts, out of the corner of your eye, you catch a glimpse of the melting chocolate chip cookies. You think of the kids…kind of. So as the battle over the sweet tea and fries rages within, just before you hand him the money for your order, you say…

“Can I add an order of chocolate chip cookies, please?”

STOP THE MADNESS! LOL Can you relate to this scenario? I had a great laugh with my mother in law yesterday as we compared this same scene for each of us. I make excuses all the time to go to drive thrus. It is true that I really am in the car a lot because my commute to work is 45 minutes each way, but that doesn’t excuse the daily stops, and sometimes multiple times a day. My name is Charli and I am the ultimate Drive Thru Sue. Because I know this is a big problem for me, I made a commitment to not go to any drive thru’s in the month of October. Yes, 31 days of no drive thru’s whatsoever for any reason. We are three days in and doing good so far!

Continuing to have small victories and rejoicing over them. I did PiYo workouts a few times this week, made several awesome Trim Healthy Mama recipes that again, my family loved! I’m down another pound this week, so that’s 8 pounds total. Moving forward, planning ahead and packing food from home …and no drive thrus!!!

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