Say Cheese!

Don’t cha just love social media? Some of my favorite things to see are mealtime photos. (Insert sarcasm) I don’t know how we got by in years past without showing the world every meal we were about to enjoy.

The detailed descriptions of exotic cuisines and clever plating fill our feeds daily. We showcase our wines and our latest delicacy for all to envy.

Well… Let me paint a picture of my eating today.

Please understand there will be no fancy, gourmet, French foods in my photo.

Rather, today I ate my feelings.

I started out with a quick meal of nothingness. I ate empty.

Then as my chaotic workday continued, and my stomach growled, I reached for convenience. I ate guilt, ill preparedness, condemnation and shame.

By the afternoon, I was on a roll. I had a large portion of exhaustion, a heaping helping of frustration, and an extra side of I don’t give a flip.

For a nightcap, a bowl of maybe tomorrow…probably not, drizzled with who cares, sometimes it feels hopeless.

Lastly, topped off with I need you, God.

Today, I ate my feelings. You won’t find that picture scrolling through a social media feed, but many of us see it every day….in the mirror.

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  1. teri
    Oct 28, 2014 @ 12:01:42

    Very cool


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