1st Week

Wow! It’s been an exciting week one on THM! Six days in and I’m down five pounds. I feel pretty good about that. My main goal has been consistency and for the most part, I’m doing well with that. I’ve had to make some adjustments for my workout a couple of times this week, but I didn’t give up. That’s a victory!

I’m understanding how THM works a little better now. I’ve also tried a couple of recipes that I really liked. We made THM pancakes on Saturday morning and they were a hit with the whole family! Yay! Then I made Skinny Chocolate and we really liked it too. So far, so good!


September 3 & 4

Yesterday was a loooong day so I didn’t post, but here’s a quick rundown. Left my house by 7 am to get to work, rushed after work to get to church for youth group, helped cook dinner for about 20 kids, got home around 8:30. So…I stayed mostly on plan. A few things weren’t exact, but I didn’t blow it by any means. I realized it was going to be dark when I got home and I wouldn’t be able to do my workout on my road, so I walked several laps around the building to at least get some type of exercise. 

Today was almost just as crazy. I did have a couple of things that were not on plan and I got home after dark again. So, I did my “rainy day” workout with some strength training exercises inside.

Guess what I have decided? Life happens. There are days when things flow smooth and plans come through just as they should. Then there are days that despite our best efforts, things just fall apart. I am rolling with it and keeping on. All I had time to put in my lunch box this morning was a leftover piece of chicken, a cheese stick, and a single serving of peanut butter (not sure what I was thinking of doing with that….lol). So when there were cookies left over from my meeting, despite my willpower before the meeting, I had one. I’m not going to consider my day a bad day for having a cookie. I just hit reset and kept going. 

The difference between now and just a few days ago is that I’m not going to throw in the towel and indulge because I had something that wasn’t on plan.  I’m forsaking the ALL or NOTHING mentality and continuing with my challenge. In reality, I’m still getting in a workout and staying on track the majority of the time. 

So, day 3 & 4…good days, not perfect, but good!

One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple. Psalm 27:4



September 2nd

A good day! I was consistent! Woohoo! 

I stayed within the plan and got my workout in. It was a bit tough because I’m sore from yesterday, but I did it and I feel good about it. 

“God’s my strength, he’s also my song, and now he’s my salvation.” Psalm 118:

September Challenge

Today is September 1st and I have challenged myself to 30 days of consistency =).

Seriously, my all or nothing mentality trips me up so much. For the past couple of weeks, I start out great the first couple of days, then when I slip up, I quit even trying. So I’ve spent my long weekend writing menu plans from the Trim Healthy Mama book and preparing for a week of success. Today was great! Stayed on plan and worked out, so day one is done! On to day two…

The workout that I have committed to do is based on a chapter in the book (also from other sources) that suggest smaller workouts with higher intensity and changing up the routine. From my house to the main road and back is one mile. So, using some markers (Palm trees, mailbox, bridge, etc.) I have “stations” that I will be throwing in some strength training exercises. Today, I did this with the kids and it was awesome! They loved it and we had a great time! Our heart rates were definitely pumping! They nicknamed our new routine “The Mile of Madness.” Lol

So, if you know me, and even if you don’t, hold me accountable! I welcome calls, texts, emails, and comments. Lol Anybody can do anything for 30 days, right? Obviously, I want and need more than 30 days of consistency, but I like tangible and attainable goals. Feel free to join me! 30 day September Challenge! Woohoo! With God, all things are possible!

Here We Go!

Tomorrow starts a new school year! I am so excited! I feel like I used to when I was a kid….lol It’s a busy time, but a fun and exciting kind of busy.

Down two pounds after my first attempts of doing Trim Healthy Mama. My first couple of days were good. Once we started in service at school, it became a bit more challenging. Breakfast and lunch were provided and they were not really on plan. I could have made it work, but I didn’t. Nonetheless I am still figuring it out and down two pounds so I’m ok with that.

I am still reading the book (in the midst of school preparations) and trying new recipes. I will be sharing my thoughts as I go. Tonight I tried the “Good Girl Moonshine.” It was different…but good. It has a long list of benefits and I think I will tweak it a little and try it as my morning drink.

Hope you guys have a blessed week!

My drive to work…loved seeing this and was reminded of God’s mercy and grace shining on us all…


John 8:32
“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

I love this verse! It seems like I’ve been hearing it everywhere I go lately. Whether it’s during a sermon, on the radio, or in a book, this verse keeps popping up. More that anywhere else, I’ve been hearing it during my prayer time.

I feel that the Lord has been reminding me that nothing else matters like His truth. We hear all kinds of things throughout the day. In this world we live in, there are many things biding for our attention and asking us to believe in them. The voices from the world tell us their version of truth and if we are not grounded in God’s truth, we will not know the difference.

If you have read my blog for long, or actually if you know me at all (lol), then you are fully aware of my up and down craziness. Not just in weight loss, but sometimes just in life. I’m a bit of a free spirit and I bounce. A lot. I know this about myself. It is who I am. Sometimes that’s ok, but sometimes, it’s a problem.

Because this is part of my personality, (good or bad) I am the QUEEN OF EXTREMES! Over the years, I have gone from one extreme to another. I jump on one bandwagon only to jump on another within days. I admit this. And I also admit…it’s exhausting. At times, I’ve heard, “the truth shall set you free,” and I think “but what’s the truth when it comes to weight struggles?” What seems to be truth one week changes the next. Eat this, don’t eat that, no, wait, we were wrong that’s not bad for you now, go eat a double portion. It’s confusing and I fall right into the trap.

So I started praying and asking God for something practical. I even started going through listing some things that I know to be true.

#1 God wants us to live in freedom, not bondage. Even the best intentions of many pure food plans can cause us to be in bondage.

#2 God designed these miraculous bodies for us and we only get one.

#3 God loves us and wants us to have an abundant life. Satan does not. Period.

As I prayed about some practical steps, something really cool happened. I was getting ready to go on another “cut this out and no more of that” eating plan when something showed up in my mailbox. One of my sweet sisters in Christ sent a book to me called “Trim Healthy Mama.” I must admit, at first I wasn’t up for ANOTHER diet book, so it took me a few weeks to even open it. Then I saw a teacher friend who looked amazing and when I asked what she was doing differently, it was THM. So I decided to check it out and see what the fuss was over.

There were a lot of things in the book that I found interesting. But when I got to Chapter Six, it became very personal and I wanted to know more. Chapter Six is titled, “Truths from the Bible.” As I read through the experiences of the authors, I could totally relate. I saw the similarities of the paths we have all taken. What these sisters have written in their book about their journey reminds me so much of what the past four years of my blog has been. Extremes, Plans, Nutritional Research, the yo-yo could continue for years. Even the spiritual struggle of my relationship with food. It’s all there.

I’m not finished reading the book yet (it’s over 600 pages), but I absolutely feel that it is an answer to my prayer of asking God for some practical steps to take in the journey. I am learning more with each chapter, but so far, what I like is that there are no extremes. There isn’t a preoccupation of numbers and lists. On the contrary, there’s a resounding sense of freedom! There is a focus on seeking Christ and finding freedom in your relationship and balance in your body. There is Hope. Not because of the authors, but because of Truth….truth that sets you free!

I’m still figuring it out, but I am going to start with what I know tomorrow. Moment of truth….this morning I was at 221. I’m not going to race toward a number or set unattainable goals. I am going to bask in His Truth and be set free. Thank you, Father, for hope and freedom. In Jesus name.


Finally, brethren,
whatsoever things are true,
Father God, show me your Truth. Help me to see the lies of the enemy and discern your truth from deception.

whatsoever things are honest,
Lord, help our relationships be built on honesty. Help us to always be upright in your sight.

whatsoever things are just,
Just…there’s that word again. I’ve heard it recently several times. God, help us be a people of justice. Help us to see injustice and be a light.

whatsoever things are pure,
You are a God of such purity. Your plans are pure, your creation began as pure, undefiled, free from contamination, no traces of impurity. White as snow. Father, let me be pure and blameless in your sight.

whatsoever things are lovely,
Father, I could bask in your loveliness. Your Spirit is beautiful. I adore you and your ways.

whatsoever things are of good report;
May we seek to be honorable and favored in your sight. May our reputation be one that pleases You. Of all the things that people may say about me in this life, my prayer is that what will be remembered most is “She loved Jesus!”

if there be any virtue,
May we be heightened and drawn to virtue.

and if there be any praise,
We were created to praise You and bring You glory. The seas roar and even the rocks cry out and proclaim your name!

think on these things.
Think. Ponder. Meditate. Consume yourself with these things. Do not let darkness loom over your thoughts, but think on these things. Godly things, precious things, His ways. Father, guide me to walk in your wisdom and think on these things.

Philippians 4:8King James Version (KJV)

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