It’s No Wonder…

I know exactly why most of us struggle to eat healthy. IT’S A LOT OF WORK! I am spending way more time in the kitchen. That’s a good thing, of course, but I have to admit…it’s work. It’s no wonder most people (myself included) would rather buy the quick and easy stuff! There’s no doubt the quick and easy stuff makes our days less grueling, but it comes at a cost. Not just to us individually, also to our families, and to our nation. There’s so much junk in convenience foods by way of preservatives and added chemicals, and it can really do a number on our health. It takes major effort to choose real food. It takes time to plan and prepare. And for me, right now, it takes continual reminders that it’s worth it. But in just these few days, I already feel better. I’m almost past the withdrawal headaches =). This time it wasn’t too bad because I have been drinking way more water than usual. I think that has really helped. One of the books that I have read recently is The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin. It’s full of great information about eating the way God intended. I am loosely following his plan for a detox/cleanse. (I prefer to call it a Reset.) I say “loosely” because there are supplements and products that he suggests that I am not using. I am mostly just taking my prenatals with an additional folic acid vitamin as well as eating clean and walking.  

Can you imagine what the women before us did? Think back about your grandmothers and great grandmothers. They mostly ate clean because they had to grow their own food. It was quite a treat to go out and eat a meal prepared by others. Yet, we can eat out three times a day and think nothing of it. Most of the ladies before us wore belts most of the time. Think about it. They were much thinner and stronger than the majority of American women today. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a trade off. We don’t stay home all day (most of us) to cook those three meals. And if we do stay home, our modern lives are so full of other things that we find the quick and easy to be…well, quick and easy. I have really made a lot of excuses to pick up dinner and grab something convenient at the cost of nutrition. I’m really going to try to think more like the women before us and find a balance in this fast paced world so that my health and that of my family is not traded for convenience.   

So yeah, it’s no wonder we have a more difficult time choosing healthy foods. Yes, it is work, but nothing that can’t be managed. I guess when they say “lifestyle change,” this is part of it =).

Blame it on the kids!

Have you ever used your kids as an excuse for your unhealthy eating habits? I can think back to many occasions that we made stops because …..”the kids are hungry, so we need to stop at McDonald’s….. The kids need a drink, so let’s go to Sonic….” Whatever “the kids” need, right? Wrong. It was usually whatever I wanted that directed our outings. I was also one of those parents who would say things like “I can’t cook healthier meals, the kids won’t eat that stuff!” Wow, now I can’t believe I used those excuses for so many years.

Let me tell you why…..

My kids have been going through these gradual healthy lifestyle changes with me and I am amazed! As I have shared recently, I am realizing how much they follow my lead when it comes to food choices. As I have continued to make healthy changes, so have they and I love it! Last night, we made pizza from scratch. We’re talking homemade dough and homemade pizza sauce. It was so fun and they loved it! It was piled with veggies, so other than the cheese, it was basically a vegan meal. Then, this morning before school, I made Apple Spice muffins with fresh apple juice and the pulp from using my new juicer. Again, they loved it!

There was a time when you could not make me believe that my children would ever eat these types of foods. Yet as they have witnessed changes in me, they too are making healthy changes! Amazing!

So now, what can I blame on my kids? I can blame them for motivating me to want to live healthier! I can blame them for giving me a reason every day to stay on track and to eat clean and move! I can blame them for showing me love and for inspiring me to be my best so that I can teach them better choices! What an honor and a blessing!

Thank you Father God for loving our family enough to lead us to better health!

Need a jump start!?!

So by now you guys have probably figured out that I get bored pretty easily…lol I am one of those people that can’t sit idle for too long. Same goes for my weight loss. I feel stuck. I have been bouncing around the 170’s for weeks now and I’m frustrated. I have seen as low as 173, as high as 179 and yesterday I was 176. Up and down….up and down… So the way I see it, I need a jolt to my routine. I need something to give me that extra boost and help me move on to the next decade– the 160’s…. Lol

Since my family blessed me with my new awesome juicer, I have been experimenting with different juices and doing a lot of research. I have read about many different types of juice fasts and I like what I am finding. There are some incredible stories of health problems that disappear. Juicing is a form of “treatment” used all over the world and it is fascinating to see the reported benefits. There are some who have done 40 day, 30 day, and 21 day juice fasts. I do not feel led at this time to do something that extreme. However… here is what I have decided…. Starting Monday, I am going to jumpstart my weight loss again with a 5 day juice fast. I am going to choose Monday through Friday so that it will be easier since I stay pretty busy. I am going to spend some time this weekend preparing for the week ahead. I will report daily what I am juicing, what I am learning, and hopefully my successes =)

What about you? Do you feel like you’re in a rut? Do you think that a kick start, with the support of friends, would be helpful? Maybe you do not feel inclined to juice, but you know yourself and you know there is probably something you can do to power up your journey. Think about it and let me know. With God as our guide, Let’s spend 5 days together and turn a corner on our road to better health!

Many blessing!

Grateful and Encouraged!

I want to share a conversation with you that I had with a good friend this past week. It was very encouraging and I hope it inspires you! I am so excited! This makes FOUR people that have committed to the run in January! Yay!!!

Congratulations on the 12s! I would never in a million years thought that you and I WERE the same size. I would have guessed you were a 10 or 12 when we met. I wonder if I have such a distorted image of myself. I don’t wonder I know I do. Even when I was down to an eight almost 5 years ago I felt fat. And know what I wouldn’t give to even be a 10. I started running and no sugar for the millionth time after my last message to you and as always I failed. I walk/ran 30 min today and prayed
almost continuously. I’m so sick and tired of feeling like poop and not having anything to wear. I caught myself in a mirror at kohls today and didn’t even recognize myself. I never even look in the mirror anymore :(. I want to run with you but I’m so scared to say it cause everytime I do, I fail…. I hope you had an amazing time at the wedding! I know you looked amazing!
Thank you for your kind words… you are such a sweetheart!

First of all, I just gotta tell you that you can’t say things like that! You can’t say that “every time I do, I fail.” Trust me, I know exactly how you feel… I have spent years
feeling the same way. But our attitudes play a huge part in any successes we have. If you can look at those past failed attempts as just that…. PAST…. then you are in a good place! You will be taking a huge step!

I don’t know how much of my blog you have read, but if you go back to February when it all began, you will see that this journey started out pretty dark. I was feeling so defeated and I assure you, the enemy was having a party with my thoughts.

Because of what I have learned over the past few months…This is how I now see it…. Satan knows that I am not tempted to steal, cheat or murder…. but he knows that I have an unhealthy emotional connection to food. So because his goal is to destroy… he uses what he can. Food was meant to be a blessing…and it is… but the enemy takes what God meant for good… and uses it against us.

The real transformation for me has been realizing that I don’t have to fight this battle alone. The other day I had a great conversation with a woman who said to me “ya
know, I pray about everything, but I have never considered praying that God help me deal with my weight issues”…. yeah sure, we all send up those “PLEASE HELP ME GOD” kind of prayers…lol but I had never really genuinely asked for God’s guidance in finding out WHY I do this to myself and then asking for HIS strength to heal from it….until February, that is =)

Please keep in mind, I speak with no authority, I am simply a woman who is asking God to be my Guide in every area of my life… and weight is a struggle… so I am asking, He is answering and I am sharing my story.

I want you to know that I am praying for you! I feel your words so deeply. As I continually state on my blog… I have not “arrived” but man… I know there is a difference in my spirit…. because God is faithful… even when I’m not…. Better yet… especially when I’m not!

Love you girl!

P.S. Pray about the run! Seriously, I would love to do an accountability thing together if you want… Our wedding is just a few weeks away and it’s crunch time!!! Literally!!! LOL
You are so right! Positive, Positive, Positive! I know that! I feel like I’m always complaining to you! I promise that it not my normal attitude, lol!

Okay, it is on my calendar and I am so excited! It’s a done deal – I know I can do it – I’ve done it before – and it felt so good!

You Rock Charli – Thank you for always being there! You are going to look and feel amazing on your wedding day!

I love you and thank you so much for the prayers!!

…and no, I didn’t start reading the blog until around June – I’ve got some catching up to do!
I am so blessed! I would have never dreamed my journey would encourage others. My readers are so precious to me and I pray for you guys continually!

May you feel His amazing blessings today my friends!

Gotta run! (seriously, need to go for a run now lol =)


Usually when I have outgrown something, it is not a good thing. Often, outgrowing means my clothes are too tight and I need to make an embarrassing move into the next size. Not a fun experience.

Never in my life did I think I would outgrow something and be so excited! Today, my friends, I believe I have outgrown….

My stopwatch!

When I first started my walk/run/walks, I timed myself…. Walk two minutes, run one. Over time, I have switched on occasion and ran two, walked one. Well, this morning, since I struggled last week, I set out to have some time with God to recenter my thoughts while I walked and ran. I had my stopwatch, but I spent more time thinking of other things and not really paying attention to the time. I decided to listen to my body rather than the watch. I was so excited when I got home that I had to drive my route to see how far I ran. My whole trip was only 2 miles, but the cool thing is, I ran about 1.4 of that! Granted, it was in chunks, but I did run just under .5 mile without stopping! That is a victory for me! Especially since I started out running from one mailbox to the next! WooHoo! It feels great to outgrow something!

Oh, and can we please keep this just between us? My 8 year old trainer feels so very important using the stopwatch and the whistle. So, when she runs with me, we will still use it, but you and I know the truth, ok? LOL

Have a Blessed Day!

Buffet? Bad idea

Last week, my fiance and I went out to dinner. We were trying to decide where to go and thought that Chinese food sounded good. I was sure that I could get some tasty veggies from the buffet, so I thought it was great. I soon learned…the buffet was a bad idea… but not for the reason you may assume….

No, I did not pile my plate and make several trips. I actually attempted to choose items that were somewhat healthy. I first went for veggies and salmon. They looked beautiful… but the flavor was lacking, to say the least. I decided maybe it was that particular dish of vegetables, so I chose a different entree. Again, bland…very, very bland.

I was confused because this is a great restaurant, one of our favorites. We have gone to this place many times over the years and I always love it. But then….I figured it out. The buffet has not changed, I have. Most of the items I usually choose from the Chinese buffet are fried. I usually pick a wide variety of different things, but my plate appears to be just one color…. fried. Brown…crisp…greasy…fried. The interesting thing that I realized is that…it is not the Chinese food that I have grown to enjoy over the years…its the sweet and sour sauce. It occurred to me as I searched for “flavor” that my routine is to fill my plate with fried everything and then smother it with sweet and sour sauce. I don’t know what real food tastes like from a Chinese buffet because all I really taste is the sauce. I have probably consumed a ridiculous amount of calories never tasting the substance under the sauce. What a waste!

This whole healthy living thing has become quite an inconvenience to my way of thinking! LOL I can no longer settle! Obviously, I am kidding. It’s all a blessing! A blessing in that I am eating better and feeling wonderful! I am choosing quality over quantity. Gone are the days that I continue to shovel in anything and everything. I choose better now. I choose health now. I enjoyed my $3.99 Subway sandwich way more than my $9.99 Chinese buffet. I think I’m going to avoid buffets for a while. It’s just not worth it. Quality has become way more important that quantity.

A time to laugh….

In my circle of friends and family, there is a lot of laughter. We seem to always enjoy playing jokes on each other and I have to admit, I can be quite an instigator. Whether it’s Christmas, April Fool’s Day or for no reason at all, it’s an awesome feeling when I can say “Gotcha!” However….for some reason it’s not always fun to be on the other side of the joke….

Sometimes I think God created me and my goofiness for his own entertainment. He must just continually crack up at my expense! Seriously, crazy (and hysterical) things happen to me all the time…. so….What are ya gonna do? I have an idea…share it on your blog! Everyone needs a good laugh, so let me set this up for you….

I’m driving to school and decided that I needed to grab something quick for breakfast because I am in class for about 5 hours straight (summer schedules are tough). So, because I no longer choose fast food drive-thru’s, I stopped by a convenience store to buy a fruit cup. A fruit cup!!! A good choice, right? No candy bar, soda, chips, tacos, donuts…. but a fruit cup. You would think God would reward my choices huh? LOL So, I’m standing in this long line to pay for my fruit and as the cashier gave me the total of $2.15, I handed him two dollars and twelve cents, while digging in my purse for three more cents. As I mentioned, the line is long and people are waiting as I rummage through my purse. The cashier joked, “You may have to wash dishes for those three cents.” I acknowledge his attempt to lighten the moment by a half-hearted chuckle. I found the change and as I paid the cashier, the gentleman behind said, in his very soft spoken voice, “Ma’am, you dropped something.” To which I replied, in my happy go lucky high pitched voice, “Oh, thank you.” I looked down and, to my horror, saw ….yep, you guessed it. … monthy visitor paraphernalia. The realization that what was lying on the floor in front of me was the cause for this long line of strangers to be laughing out loud was enough to make me burst into laughter myself, grab my fruit cup, pick up my misplaced belongings and jet out the door!

Thanks God for reminding us not to take ourselves so serious sometimes….and to keep a change purse!

A Time for Everything– Ecclesiastes 3

1 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:

2 a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,

3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,

4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,

5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain,

6 a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,

7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,

8 a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

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